Why every new parent needs a chiropractor.

Earlier in the year I read the book ‘So you’re going to be a Dad’ by Peter Downey. He describes all the things you’ll need to have for a new baby such as a cot, baby wipes, a pram, bottles, breast pads, nappys, more nappys and the list went on and on.

The interesting item at the end of the list was a manual therapist for regular treatment of the spine, body and associated musculature. At the time I thought surely it’s not that bad, I’m pretty fit and strong, I’ll be right.

I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

In the last six weeks with my newborn son, I can certainly attest to the need for chiropractic care. Here is why:

1. Carrying, bouncing, rocking, swaying, lifting, burping and holding baby.

No matter how you hold the baby, even if you follow recommendations and adopt an ideal posture, the baby will need to move and so will you.

It is basically an endurance and strength test of your wrists, thoracic spine and lower back, and baby quickly wins. The sheer volume overwhelms and fatigues your muscles and loads your spinal joints causing stress to the discs and facet joints.

Plus every day the baby gets heavier and heavier.

2. Feeding, nursing and bathing.

Breast and bottle feeding can be very taxing physically. Prolonged forward flexed postures lead to stiffness in the neck, upper back and lower back.  Feeding may take close to an hour so holding baby means that the arms and shoulders also get very sore. 

3. Travelling

Pushing prams and loading babies into and out of cars requires serious trunk and spinal stability. Lifting while twisting is a common mechanism of injury to the lower back. 

Did I mention lifting and putting baby in and out of bassinets and cots? 

It's a full time job

Being a new parent is a full time, full body workout, and our body is simply not ready for it. Without regular care muscle tension accumulates, joints become stiffer and the risk of a catastrophic injury increases.  Add in sleep deprivation and an inability to fully recover and now you have a hypersensitive and irritable system too.

A chiropractor can help and should be part of your new parent journey. Chiropractic care can help you feel better by releasing tight muscles, freeing stiff spinal joints and improving your posture with stretches, exercises and advice.

So if you’re a new Mum or Dad or know someone who is, book in online now to get those painful areas fixed. Chiropractors treat the spine and extremities including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle. 

About Campbell Allport

Campbell has worked in the occupational health and safety industry as an injury management consultant allowing him to gain valuable experience and insight into office and vehicle ergonomics.

He is now solely in private practice and is a senior clinician in Melbourne and the founder of Beyond Better Health in Cheltenham, Victoria.

He has a special interest in working with sporting teams, athletes and the CrossFit community as well as working with pain sufferers of all ages and activity levels.


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Why every new parent needs a chiropractor.

Why every new parent needs a chiropractor.

Earlier in the year I read the book ‘So you’re going to be a Dad’…
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