Joint Pain

For those with no history of major injuries or previous joint problems, it’s still possible to develop issues that range from mild and occasional discomfort in the neck and back to complete debilitation caused by arthritis which makes it difficult to move one’s joints at all.

Even the most serious of joint pain can be effectively managed and treated with proper evidence-based chiropractic care.

What causes joint pain?

There are many factors that can cause joint pain, including repetitive motion injuries or stress, poor posture and injury or trauma to the joints. Other lifestyle factors such as Your diet may also play a part in contributing to your overall stress levels which can increase inflammation and impact how well your body is able to fight off problems like arthritis.

Swollen joints can occur when there is fluid in the tissue around the joints making it uncomfortable or even painful to move. Most commonly we find that the elbows, wrists, shoulder, knees, and hips are affected but symptoms can vary from person to person.
Some of the common reasons for joint pain are:
  • Ageing, as joints lose their flexibility
  • Injury or trauma to the joint, for example, a fall
  • Problems with alignment of the spine can cause chronic stress on some joints (such as the hip and shoulder joints) which results in pain

How can we help?

At Beyond Better Health, we focus on keeping your entire musculoskeletal system in optimal condition.
We conduct a careful examination, checking to determine whether the pain being experienced is coming from one or more of the major joints. We utilize our training in biomechanics to provide gentle yet effective adjustments designed to reduce pressure on any compromised tissues while also bringing your body’s natural healing abilities into action.
We always like to employ a holistic approach to treating and managing all types of joint pain, including sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis.
As well as adjustments and manipulation, you may find that we will prescribe you exercises to help strengthen your joints, based on your medical history and your diagnosis.

Reduce pressure and joint stiffness

strengthen injured muscles

Reduce inflammation

increase range of motion and flexibility

promote healing in injured tissues

reduce workout recovery time


Chiropractic care is a safe, natural approach that has been shown to help reduce joint stress and improve the functions of your joints.

Treatment length can vary depending on the severity of your joint pain. For mild discomfort, a few sessions may be all you need to obtain relief from symptoms. In cases of arthritis or other more serious joint conditions, longer treatment plans are often required in order to obtain the best results.

The first step begins with diagnosis through our thorough evaluation process where we take a case history and conduct an examination to determine if chiropractic care will help relieve any joint pain. If there is no chiropractic solution available for treating the condition, we will refer you to another medical professional that can help. The best way to know is to get in touch with us.


Our consultations are tailored to you.

Our appointments are based on your individual needs. We address your specific problems and our treatment plan is aligned with your goals and preferences. We utilise longer appointments to truly understand and treat your condition. 

We're experienced.

With over 10 years of clinical experience, we’ve seen people from all walks of life with all types of conditions. If you have a spine, musculo-skeletal or nervous system problem you should talk to us. We want to fix your problem so that you are pain free. 

We care.

At this clinic you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We follow up and communicate with your General Practitioner, allied health providers and coaches. We are determined to help get you well and keep you well.  

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