Pregnancy Chiropractic

How can chiropractic care help with your pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderfully exciting time but also one of dramatic change within all systems of the body and can lead to pain in the low back, glutes, thighs and pubic bone. This pain can also be present throughout the labour and post-partum.

Hormonal influences, changes in mechanical loading of the hips and spine due to a growing abdomen and muscle control problems can cause strain and injury to surrounding muscles and joints. This is especially the case if the mother to be has a pre-existing history of low back pain and sciatica or degenerative change in the spine as pregnancy tends to exacerbate these problems.

Emotional factors during this time can also contribute to the pain picture in the pregnant patient.

Changes that can occur commonly during pregnancy are:

  • Ligaments become more stretchy: Ligaments need to be lax in order to open and stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Because of this, muscle control is really important to provide stability when needed and avoid over stretching.  
  • Low back curve increases: The lumbar spine needs to extend backwards more to counteract the change in centre of gravity of the abdomen pushing forward. This can put 100% more load through the spinal joints with a 20% weight increase during pregnancy.  
  • Soft tissue swelling: Fluid retention is experienced by 80% of women and is most common in the last 8 weeks of pregnancy. This can cause nerve entrapments like carpal tunnel syndrome, calf swelling and cramps.  

This all means that the Mum-to-be can find daily activities challenging, sleeping uncomfortable, and movement and exercise difficult. 

So the pregnant patient is often looking for natural approaches to healthcare and wellbeing. This is because most pain and anti-inflammatory medications, x-ray and other imaging and the use of heat are not recommended during this time. Whether it’s the first, second or third trimester; chiropractic care is one of the safest and most effective treatment options available. This is because we use a drug-free, natural and gentle hands-on method to provide the highest level of care for you and your baby.  

An accurate diagnosis is always needed to direct treatment. Treatment goals are to improve pain and function as well as make it easier to move and exercise. This can help with the overall labour and delivery process too.  

How can pregnancy chiropractic Help me?

Manipulation can improve gluteal muscular activation which allows the sacroiliac joints to close and open properly therefore limiting strain and sprain on surrounding tissues. A gentle, low force approach with special care and consideration is always taken when treating the pregnant woman. We use a special pregnancy pillow so the expected Mother can lie face down comfortably.  

Dry needling can be effective at managing pregnancy related pain.  

Posture and ergonomic advice to allow for optimal baby positioning and spinal health.  

Stretching and strengthening exercises help to improve improve flexibility and control around the trunk, spine and hips. 

Reduce pregnancy symptoms

Relieve back pain

Releasing Pain on joints

Reduce the need for pain medication

Increase bloodflow to muscles

Improve mobility


During your initial pregnancy chiropractic visit at our chiropractic clinic, we will discuss your pregnancy health history and then perform a pregnancy spinal assessment (which is done on all of our pregnancy patients).

We ensure that you are in proper alignment before any adjustments are made!

Pregnancy chiropractic care is a natural, safe and effective form of pregnancy pain management. However, pregnancy chiropractic care is not required for everyone so please get in touch with us (embed the contact us link) before scheduling an adjustment to ensure that pregnancy chiropractic care will benefit you.

No medication is required for pregnancy chiropractic care as pregnancy chiropractic care does not treat symptoms, but treats the cause of pregnancy symptoms.


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