Neck Pain

Three out of four people will experience neck and back pain in their lifetime.

Neck pain is a common condition that causes substantial disability.

Neck pain is the 4th ranked disabling condition across the world and is a major public health problem in terms of both personal health and overall well-being. In the general population it affects 10-20% of people at any one time,  tends to affect women more than men and prevalence increases typically as age increases.

The most common causes of neck pain come from these structures:
  • Muscles
  • Facet joints
  • Disc
  • Nerves

The neck is a complex and intricate system that not only provides movement of our head but also provides information to create stability of our eyes, maintain appropriate posture and influence our balance. The mobile nature of the neck means that it is prone to strain and injury of the muscles, joints, disc, and nerves.

This can occur with acute injury such as a whiplash from a motor vehicle accident or sporting incident like a strong tackle or fall, or more commonly from prolonged stationary posture like hunched computer work or looking at a phone. Sleeping position and positions on the couch can also lead to problems arising in the neck.

Common symptoms that occur with neck pain is muscle stiffness and tightness of the shoulders, headache, jaw pain, poor posture and symptoms into the arms and hands such as weakness, numbness and pins and needles. The spine can be thought of as one long sensory organ therefore pain in the neck can also create problems in the middle and lower back which is why the chiropractor will assess your whole spine and the way your whole body moves.

How can we Help?

At Beyond Better Health the chiropractor will assess how your spine is moving and check if there are any functional impairments affecting your balance, eye movements, body awareness and postural control. Your ability to perform certain tests will help us decide the primary cause of the neck pain and mean that we can provide a targeted treatment to the problem. This gives us the best chance of relieving your pain and ultimately keeping it at bay.

Our chiropractor provides skilled and nuanced treatment options for the neck including soft tissue therapy, mobilisation, joint manipulation, dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, cupping, ergonomic and lifestyle tips and advice and exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate the neck.  The treatment is designed to not only improve your pain but also your nervous system that controls balance and posture.

Can provide rehabilitation for neck injuries

Relief for chronic and acute pain

Decreased need for medications

increasing range of motion and flexibility

Total body wellness

reduced workout recovery time


The length of time for chiropractic treatment will vary, depending on the severity and type of injury.

While a massage therapist can help with some symptoms associated with neck pain, such as tension and stiffness, they aren’t able to perform chiropractic treatments like manipulation and muscle stimulation.

Yes. At Beyond Better Health we are qualified chiropractors who have the skill and knowledge to properly treat and provide chiropractic manipulation to the neck and shoulder area.


Our consultations are tailored to you.

Our appointments are based on your individual needs. We address your specific problems and our treatment plan is aligned with your goals and preferences. We utilise longer appointments to truly understand and treat your condition. 

We're experienced.

With over 10 years of clinical experience, we’ve seen people from all walks of life with all types of conditions. If you have a spine, musculo-skeletal or nervous system problem you should talk to us. We want to fix your problem so that you are pain free. 

We care.

At this clinic you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. We follow up and communicate with your General Practitioner, allied health providers and coaches. We are determined to help get you well and keep you well.  

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